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Information on Beaded Roses

Here you will find answers to your questions pertaining to your beaded rose.

Question: It's pretty - but is it period?
Answer: It's mostly period. The technique, called French-beaded,  dates to the 15th century. I have only ever found one picture of beaded flowers in period (and that was just recently) so this particuler flower pattern may be more complex than the flowers created prior to 1600. It is possible this flower existed in period. Extensive research on beaded flowers in general can be found on this site (this research pre-dated my discovery of the picture and period text both of which can be found with the garden documentation.)

Also note - other French beaded flowers will have the center wire bent over to hold the flower's shape. I weave in all wire ends so there is never a fear of snaging the wire and pulling apart the flower. I'm fairly certian this wasn't done in period.
Question: What about the materials?
Answer: The color of the beads as well as the style are as close to period as I can get. The flowers are done on Artistic wire which is plastic coated brass, the stems are 14 gauge steel wrapped with floral tape. These concessions will allow your flower to last longer because the fragility of normal wire over time is what will cause the flower to wilt and die.
Question: How do I care for and 'feed' my flower?
Answer: These flowers require absolutly no water, no sun, and no soil. They are always in bloom and will survive many conditions that would distroy other flowers. You may trim the stem if you wish, using a good wire clippers. Make sure you then secure the cut edge with glue (prefered) or tape.
     After some time you may notice your flower gathering dust. The heads of the flowers (not the stems) are made using a plastic covered wire and so the flower heads can be submerged in water or washed under the faucet. The beads themselves are colored glass throughout so washing these roses will not affect the color no matter what soap you use. (Any flower constructed using silver-lined or painted glass beads should not be washed in this way as it will affect the color.) Dry the rose hanging upside down. You could also just spray them with air (the same stuff you use on computer keyboards) or dust with a cloth.
     If your flower no longer 'looks' right that too can be fixed. Because the flowers are just beads on twisted wire, they can be molded and remolded many times. Use care though because all wire will break if it is stressed too much. Hold a petal at its base between your thumb and forfinger of one hand, and at the tip with the thumb and forfinger of your other hand. Now move your hands in opposite directions using little circular movements. In this way you can adjust the spaceing of each petal's rows. The petals themselves can be rearranged by bending them.
    Should your rose be in need of more serious repair please feel free to contact me and I'll see what I can do to help you out.